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This is what happens when your mom gives a squirrel a peanut every time it comes to the porch. She gave her 6 at this point. After this one, she came back with her baby and my mom gave them 3 more. She comes to my porch every morning when I’m coming out the door. #squirrel #begger #peanuts

No, My parents didn’t make up the name ‘Chelaine.’ My grandma found it in a romance novel and wrote it down on a sheet of paper and showed my mom a couple of weeks before I was born. So this may be where my name is from… :)

"…But me -I’m a single cell, On a serpent’s tongue. There’s a muddy field, Where the garden was. And I’m glad you got away, But I’m still stuck out here. My clothes are soaking wet, From your brother’s tears." "I never thought this life was possible… You’re the Yellow Bird that I’ve been waiting for." -Bright Eyes #BrightEyes #PoisonOak #ImWideAwakeItsMorning #YellowBird #LetThePoetsCryThemselvesToSleep

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